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WheelhouseBETA is an industry-inspired solution that focuses on B2C and B2B enterprises. The platform is designed from the ground up for diversification and ease of use, capable of handling a multitude of payment gateways. Bespoke design and development also available from our talented design team!

  • Multilingual support
  • Multi-currency
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Fully customisable

WheelhouseBETA is an API centric commerce ecosystem which is quickly expanding its service offerings worldwide. Wheelhouse favours the bespoke solution over the 1-for-all model of most eCommerce solutions.

  • Sell easily

    While maintaining the ability to sell anything online, Wheelhouse allows the sale of physical products, digital downloads and more.

  • API modularity

    Wheelhouse is a lean commerce system with the ability to be scaled significantly. You can request new independent features that don't exist yet!

  • Launch quickly

    Wheelhouse management user interface is agile and user-friendly, it allows for quick inventory upload with many variant options. Our designers and developers will quickly launch a store uniquely designed for your product and its audience.

Trusted Service &
Custom Design

Wheelhouse now serves a range of well-known high-end brands, especially in the consumer electronics industry. Custom-designed sites are designed for each premium client, providing the best experience for your customers, on any device.

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Reduce your business costs

Reducing overheads such as inventory management, inventory metrics and eliminating repetitive order management tasks through our intuitive dashboard and API design Wheelhouse sab.

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Drive new revenue growth

Currently in beta-phase, Wheelhouse aims to offer in March 2019 integration to Amazon enabling inventory and sales management control through one centralised dashboard.

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